Hey dearest people of planet earth!
My name is Mimi, I have finished my studies in culture and media education in 2016 and see myself combining art with social work now and in the future. How I believe I can do that by this webpage and artwork?
Let me tell you my little story:
When I was young I was a dreaming woman. Believing everything is possible. Growing up, I realized life isn’t pink and glittery at all (thanks for that, we would probably get eye-problems). So I decided to see the world with my own eyes, to change my influenced perspective and widen my horizon. During my travels to different countries and cultures I decided to let go from the rules and boxes in my head. I dove into different worlds, got absolutely lost, was found by beautiful people and guided into another curly stream leading me along…and while I was swimming along those streams of life, I experienced something such as enlightenment: How powerful a single individual can change and shape the world!
For that we shall know, that the world I speak of, is the world that exists in your own perspective. Everything that surrounds you, is the world for you.Your reality.
And now lets go back to your own past: When did a person tell you something, that you still remember, and influenced your decision? Why are you today, exactly where you are right now? Have a look around, remember the things that came along your way today…
Isn’t it amazing the experience that you, as you are, are the most powerful person in your own perspective of the world? Because not only we get influenced, but as well we influence, every single day of our life.
So when I got told: “Mimi you can not change the world”, I strongly disagreed and said: “But I am already!” Simply by existing.
So I created this webpage for you – to be inspired – to change perspective – to free your mind – to love yourself – and to love the world.
For the fact, that reality begins in your mind.