On the page Artist, I gave you a brief overview on my person and my motivation. Here I would like to explain, how I am actually processing my work, which I distinguish between Stage Photography and Wildlife & Travel Photography.
Stage Photography is an art, which is complex and extensive. It is a way, to work intensive with emotions and to recreate reality in another way. It gives the chance of multimedia-based arrangements of a certain theme in an artificial scene. As well it can cause an objective perspective of the people involved. So Stage Photography creates, shapes and illustrates individual reality.
Wildlife and Travel Photography is very different, because it is not artificially created. It is an art, which exists already and is found in the wide beautiful world of planet earth. Wildlife and Travel Photography captures, finds, holds and shows beauty, which does not ask for attention. This beauty is found in the life of animals, nature, ethnics, people, spaces and time. A Photograph on a journey, is a caption of a second. A second in the life of you and a second in the life of the creature, that is on the picture.
For that I prefer to choose a specific element, that grabs my interest and which I try to understand by photographing it. Like the photo series Portraits of Cows for example, which I photographed in India 2015.